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At Lara Jens Travel, we really enjoy getting to know you and your family...that's how we "roll"! From finding that perfect vacation spot until you return from your trip, we are there to help throughout the entire process. As Travel Advisors, our role goes beyond the booking. We make sure that you don't miss a critical detail that could cause a major problem during your vacation. We also believe in looking at comparative pricing and packages to make sure you get the best VALUE for your vacation. Since we have several years of Travel under our belts, we have been to many of the destinations or have done extensive training in what we specialize in. We have great relationships with our travel vendors which allows us to add that special something for you or to help out with problems that may occur during your trip. It's our job to protect your investment in your vacation and it's your job to enjoy it...so we are ready to assist you with your next travel adventure.

Biography: Hi my name is Lara and when I was 8, my family took a road trip from Illinois to California...we stopped at many fun places along the way with the Grand Canyon being my favorite! I would look at maps in the car and help plan our stops, pose for pictures and had fun taking my own photos too. Those memories are why I enjoy travel and planning vacations for others. I’ve been booking and planning family vacations since 2010 and I can't imagine doing anything else. Families are like fingerprints no two are alike and neither are their vacations. We ask questions and take many things into consideration that you might not have realized that could have a great impact on your trip. We take into account any special needs a family may have from special diets to handicapped accessible rooms and flights. We specialize because our focus is on your entire vacation experience not just your booking experience. That's why I'm proud to be a Certified Travel Associate (CTA) from the Travel Institute!

Top Destinations: Florida, Hawaii, California, Caribbean, Europe

Specialties: Hawaii Destinations specialist, Ocean and River cruise specialist, Disney vacations

Recent Trips: We took my daughter when she 5 on her first Disney cruise, she loved it and has loved cruising ever since. I took my first cruise on my honeymoon and felt the same way but we also enjoy traveling throughout the US and Mexico. My latest trip was to the big island of Hawaii and I have to say, it doesn't matter how many times you vacation here, there is always something new...it's one of my favorite destinations. Next on our list is a river cruise in Europe, it will be my daughter's first and I'm sure, not her last!

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